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Welcome to Ishaan Infrastructure & Shelters Ltd.

Company was incorporated as ISHAAN INFRASTRUCTURES AND SHELTERS LIMITED on 19th OCTOBER, 1995.And availed Certificate of Commencement of Business from Registrar of Companies, Gujarat on 24TH OCTOBER, 1995. Company was originally working in Ahmedabad, Commercial Hub of Gujarat. Later on Company has started its Business with other Cities also.

Company Profile


The Main Object of the Company to be pursued on its Incorporation are
To Undertake or Direct the construction and the maintenance of and to acquire by purchase , lease, exchange, hire or otherwise lands, properties, building, and estates of any tenure any interest therein, to sell, lease, let, mortgage or otherwise dispose off the same and purchase and sell for self or for any person free hold or lease hold lands, house, properties, buildings, offices, factories, workshops, godowns, farm houses, farms and any kind of landed properties or any share/interests therein and to carry on the business of land and estate agents on commission of otherwise without commission.
Parent Company

Presently the company is engaged in the business of infrastructure. The company also acts as builders, contractors etc, The company is dealing in all kind of infrastructure activities.